In which year group did you join King’s?

I joined King’s Ely Prep in Year 7.

What A-Level grades did you achieve?

Chemistry – A, Maths – A, Biology – B.

What University/Institution are you going to and what will you be studying?

I am going to the University of Sheffield to study Biomedical Science.

Are you going to University this year, or are you taking a gap year?

I am going to University this year.

What career path do you plan on pursuing?

At the moment, I want to do pharmacology research, but this could change once I start studying.

What else did you participate in during your time at King’s?

I play the clarinet and saxophone, so I was in Concert Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, and Saxophone Quartet.

I was an Ely Scheme Instructor from Year 11, and in Year 13 I was Head Pupil Instructor. I was also goalie for the 1st Hockey Team.

I boarded at King’s from Year 7, and stayed in Priory House, Wendreda House, and Hill House. I was also a School Prefect in Year 13.

What is your favourite Ely Scheme activity?

Raft building in the summer because it is warm and you can go swimming. It is also a very amusing activity to watch!

What is your favourite memory of Ely Scheme?

I loved all of the trips, such as hill walking in the Peak District and my Gold DofE Expedition in Wales. I think my favourite was my first experience of wild camping next to Snowdon. My favourite part of Ely Scheme will always be instructor selection or stage camp.

Why do you think outdoor education and learning these sorts of skills is important?

Ely Scheme enables pupils who do not enjoy Sport as much to still participate in activities outside the classroom. I think it helps a lot with team building skills and communication skills, which are very important.

Have you completed any Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) Awards?

Yes, I have completed Bronze, Silver, and Gold. I finished my Gold DofE in Year 13, and I was able to go to Buckingham Palace before my A-Levels.

What would you say to a student who is considering doing DofE but is not quite sure?

I would say go for it, especially Bronze. Most Year 9 students do Bronze, so you will find out that most of your friends are doing it. You will find that most people are already doing the skill and physical components, so doing an extra hour of volunteering for the week is not that hard, and the expedition is a fun way to learn new skills and get to know people better.

Do you feel that you have been well supported at King’s?

I feel that I have been very well supported. The teachers are fantastic and helped me whenever I needed it.

What will you miss most about King’s and what did you enjoy most during your time here?

I will miss the atmosphere, the community feel, and my friends. I will definitely miss all the staff and the support that they have given me. I especially enjoyed my time in the Old Palace – I will miss the hot drinks!

In what ways do you think King’s is unique or special compared to other schools?

The amazing buildings that we get to spend all of our time in are unique. Everyone knows everyone (in a good way), and King’s supports whatever you want to do or get better at, and celebrates you for doing just that.

Describe King’s in three words!


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