CONGRATULATIONS to King’s Ely Senior student, Ed Spencer, and our Graduate Rowing Coach, James Foster, who have completed the epic King’s Ely Mount Everest Challenge!

As reported on our social media platforms, boys in Osmond House and Wilkinson House at King’s Ely Senior are participating either as individuals or as part of their tutor group team to climb the height of Mount Everest – 8,849 metres – by completing multiple ascents of the steps in their own homes.

Every penny they raise by taking on the challenge is going to PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide, which is the UK charity for the prevention of young suicide (under 35’s).

Ed, who is in Year 11 and in Osmond House, completed his challenge in just five days. He covered the 8,849 metre distance by climbing 2,496 flights of his stairs at his home in Burwell.

Ed said: “I climbed my stairs in 100 blocks, setting out to do 500 flights a day. For the first two days I was going at my expected rate and was feeling good but as I hit the third day the energy in my legs really drained and I was struggling, only managing to do 360 flights. However, my determination and motivation to do the climb in five days really helped me complete the final climb doing 570 flights a day! The thing that kept me going was the music I listened to and the thought that I might be helping just one person through their difficult time with mental health problems.”

Mr Foster decided to cycle the 8,849 metre distance! It took him 10 hours and 48 minutes of non-stop cycling in the Old Palace Gymnasium and by doing so, he burned a whopping 8,284 calories!

So far, Ed, Mr Foster and everyone else participating in the challenge have raised more than £6,000 for PAPRUS.

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