YEAR 13 leaver, Darcey Newell, is off to Cardiff University after achieving the A Level grades she needed this summer.

We had a quick catch up with Darcey before she starts her new adventure:

Darcey, in which year group did you join King’s Ely?

“I started at King’s Ely Junior in Year 5 after I moved to the UK from Australia.”

Which University/Institution are you going to and what will you be studying?

“I am joining Cardiff University this September to study Media and Communications. Cardiff was my first choice University.”

What career path do you hope to pursue?

“I hope to go into digital marketing and advertising as the impact and relevance that digital media has had on our lives (particularly during the pandemic) has been immense and will continue to influence the future of shopping, working and long term education.”

How do you think King’s Ely prepared you for University life?

“As I was a boarder for two years, King’s taught me how to live away from home and how to be patient when it comes to living with other people who can be messy! I think it’ll be challenging going from King’s into University life in some ways, as there is such a strong sense of community at King’s and I always felt able to contact my teachers during Sixth Form when I had any worries (thanks Mrs Mottram and Mr Thistlethwaite!). However, King’s has shown me how to manage my own workload and how to be responsible for my actions, especially being a School Prefect.

What will you miss most about King’s Ely and what did you enjoy most during your time here?

“I will miss the people a lot. I rejoined King’s after only six weeks at another sixth form college as I missed having a close community and the consistent guidance to help me through exams or any rough patches. I was also blessed to have an incredible year group which enabled me to meet friends for life. My favourite part of my King’s experience was the Sixth Form – the independence and ability to finally wear nail polish was brilliant! I loved the socials, the small intimate classes and the feeling of being responsible. As someone who has two younger siblings at the school I feel confident that King’s will rise to the challenge of our ‘new normal’.”

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