In which year group did you join King’s Ely?

I joined King’s Ely Junior in Year 7 back in 2014. My family and I had just moved up from Hampshire (my dad had a new job in Ely). My sister also joined that year, going into Year 4.

What GCSE grades did you achieve this summer (2019)?

I achieved seven grade 9s, two grade 8s, one grade 7 and an A* in Further Maths.

Were you pleased with your results?

I was extremely happy with my results! I thought I had done well but I thought I would get mostly grade 7s and 8s, not so many grade 9s! What shocked me the most was a grade 8 in French; in the mocks I got a grade 5/6 so it was very unexpected!

Were you well supported by your teachers in the lead up to your exams?

All of my teachers were very supportive in the lead up to exams. In several of my subjects we were given revision guides; these were either put together by King’s Ely teachers or from CGP. Most of these subjects also had the same resources on the school website, as well as a few other digital resources.

Why have you chosen to stay at King’s Ely for Sixth Form, and what are you most looking forward to?

I chose to stay at King’s Ely for Sixth Form as I enjoy the atmosphere and extra-curricular activities available here. I am looking forward to continuing to be a part of the school community and continuing my studies with my friends.

What A Level subjects are you going to be studying and, if you know this yet, what sort of career are you hoping to pursue?

I am going to be studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry as I am thinking about a career in some sort of engineering (I have no idea what type of engineering yet though!)

What extra-curricular and enrichment activities are you/have you been involved with at King’s Ely, and how do you feel this enhances your experience of school?

At King’s Ely I have continued to play the violin, with lessons taking place in the Music Department. This has allowed me to take part in both the King’s Ely Senior String Orchestra and the School Orchestra. I have played in several school concerts with these groups, which is really fun. King’s Ely offers a wide range of sports and enrichment activities during games; for the past two (and a term) years I have been doing swimming and have competed in some galas against other schools. Finally, King’s Ely is famous for its elaborate school plays and musicals. As I can’t act or sing I often operate tech for these (I usually control the lights), which allows me to contribute to these amazing productions.

In what ways do you think King’s Ely is different to other schools?

I think King’s Ely is different to other schools because of our sense of humour and community. Inter-House competitions are very spirited and usually very funny, especially House Music, where every House sings a different song – the real competition is the choreography and elaborate costumes that Houses arrange as most of us (including me) are not good singers! Teachers are also very supportive and are always willing to answer questions and explain things in more detail when someone doesn’t fully understand or are simply curious.

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