“OUR son started at King’s Ely Junior in September 2017. On visiting King’s Ely, we were impressed by the pastoral support that is available to all learners, the wide variety of opportunities on offer and the vibrant school environment. The manners of the pupils who guided us around were impeccable.

“King’s Ely has continued to provide an outstanding learning environment, and to inspire, as our son has moved through from Year 6 to Year 7. He is thriving at King’s Ely and has developed his interests in Maths, English, Science, History, Languages and Music.

“After just over a year of playing the French Horn, our son loves participating in Brass Ensemble and Orchestra. He discovered his passion for Rugby at King’s Ely, and has represented the school at Rugby, Football, Cricket and Cross Country running. He has learned to argue and debate in an informed way and is continually asking complex questions.

“Our son is developing into a happy and polite young man who respects the position of others. King’s Ely has had no small part in this, the growth in his self confidence and his academic progression. He has clear plans for the future that King’s Ely will no doubt help him achieve.”

Testimonial by King’s Ely parents, Professor Cole and Dr Nevison

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