“Our son, Rohan, joined King’s Ely Prep in Year 6 in 2018. He previously attended the local village school where we live but he had, by this stage, outgrown that school. As an only child, Rohan was quite independent and he quickly settled into the Prep School. As a family, we were made to feel very welcome and attended many of the school events.

“Rohan participated in all of the sports activities offered in the first year (rugby, football, and cricket) but his real passion is playing golf, and he represented King’s Ely at an ISGA event in Shropshire in that first year and came second overall in the country.

“Academically, Rohan thrived in his first year. He loved the new style of teaching, where the children were allowed to express their opinions rather than being talked at. But then Covid and lockdown came along! As parents, we were really impressed with how the school continued to teach the children remotely, and it was lovely to see them up and dressed every morning online for registration and participating fully in lessons. Remaining in Prep School for an extra two years (Years 7 and 8) really prepared Rohan for the big jump up to Senior School, and the pastoral care he has received at both Prep and Senior School has been very good.

“Senior School brought more independence and freedom for Rohan, and he quickly engaged with the new school schedule. He explored all of his options to select subjects he was interested in, and the school were invaluable in helping him transition. At Senior School, Rohan chose to concentrate fully on golf so for sports sessions he is allowed to attend Ely City Golf Club (adjacent to King’s Ely) so he can practice, train, and play twice a week. He is currently Captain of the King’s Ely 1st Golf Team and the team has just qualified for the ISGA National Golf Finals, which are being held at The Players Club in Bristol at the end of April 2024. This is the best that King’s Ely has ever done in this competition.

“King’s Ely is located in a wonderful setting within the city, adjacent to the Cathedral and surrounded by historical buildings which provides a unique setting for students to learn. As we move towards GCSEs and beyond (later in 2024), we are delighted that we made the decision to send Rohan to King’s Ely. He has made some great friends at the school, which we are sure will continue into adulthood. Being at King’s Ely has given Rohan the confidence and independence to take on new challenges and ultimately pursue his passion to study and play golf in America.”

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