“OUR first son, Teodor, joined the King’s Ely International programme in Year 10 in 2016. Being away from us and our home in Latvia, Teodor had to tackle everything by himself – a new school, making new friends, learning a new day-to-day routine, all with no parents nearby.

“It was a challenge for him, as well as for us, as Teodor had never been away from home for such long a period of time. We were therefore impressed that he never once said about wanting to leave school to come home. He quickly engaged with the school schedule, found new friends and took part in lots of different activities. We are deeply grateful to the King’s Ely staff for their support, care and high competence.

“Two years after Teodor completed his GCSE course, he decided he wanted to stay at King’s Ely and he moved into Year 12, setting achieving A Levels as his next goal. It was also in 2018 that our second son, Jaroslav, joined King’s Ely for his start in Year 10. Again, the staff’s efforts and their professional approach filled Jaroslav’s school life with new knowledge and emotions.

“Both our boys feel themselves, comfortable and confident at King’s Ely. The education is interesting and it provides opportunities for students to express themselves. Our sons are keen to attend as many school activities as possible. They have lots of new friends and they have become much more independent. They both love school.”

Testimonial by Mr and Mrs Savko

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