“OUR four children joined King’s Ely in April 2006 when they entered Nursery One, Reception, Year 2 and Year 4, respectively.

“In fact, we moved to the Ely area primarily because of King’s, as we were looking for somewhere co-educational and, as we didn’t yet know the direction each individual would take, a school where all areas of development would be celebrated. Our youngest left King’s Ely Sixth Form last summer (2021).

“We feel King’s has been a wonderful place for each of our very different children to grow up and find her or his path forward. We particularly appreciated the partnership the school, through its staff at all levels, formed with us at the outset which resulted in countless personalised discussions, plans and programmes – each tailored to the needs at any particular time of a particular child. We have always felt welcome and any worries have been taken seriously and acted upon promptly.

“The school’s many facilities and the opportunities these afford to so many different young people as they develop their own personal strengths and interests are second to none but, even more importantly in our opinion, is the bespoke nature of the school experience which each of our children enjoyed. This came about because of the deep understanding of them as individuals the staff nurtured throughout and meant that, although they were always part of a larger family cohort, each decision, suggestion and encouragement, from extra curricular activities to University choices and everything in between, has clearly been made with the best interests of the individual at heart. This personalised support and care through thick and thin is priceless in our view.”

Mr and Mrs Pinto’s children are Madeleine, Harriet, Heloise and Billy. Madeleine read Classics at St Hilda’s College, Oxford and is currently doing the Bar Finals course at the University of Law. Harriet read Philosophy at Jesus College, Cambridge and is currently working as an analyst at a management consultancy firm in London. Heloise is currently in her third year reading Art History with German at the University of St Andrews. Billy has just accepted his offer from the University of Birmingham to study Drama in October (2022).

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