“OUR daughter, Lauren, joined King’s Ely Sixth Form in September 2021, and six months later, we are delighted to see how well she has settled in.

“Lauren has a keen interest in music and, coming from a school with an excellent music ethos, a key consideration was that this continued during her Sixth Form education. During the admissions process, we developed a good understanding of the music opportunities on offer and we had high expectations of the activities that she could be involved in. Happily, our expectations have been exceeded – Lauren now enjoys participating in numerous orchestras, bands and ensembles, and has also had a number of performance opportunities. She has individual music lessons on several instruments at school and we have been very happy with the level of support she has received from her new teachers. She has benefitted from watching professional performances at the Recital Series Concerts and is particularly looking forward to performing a saxophone concerto herself with the school orchestra later this year – a wonderful opportunity!

“Naturally, we were also keen for a school to help Lauren flourish in her other A Level subjects, and we have not been disappointed here either. Whilst moving to a new school can be a little daunting, her teachers have been supportive and encouraging with her academic studies. Lauren needed to isolate due to Covid restrictions and the speed with which the school was able to switch her to online exams and lessons was impressive. The Medical Team were also hugely supportive at this time.

“The pastoral care so far has been excellent and Lauren has enjoyed the opportunity to flexi-board – she was given a very warm welcome prior to her stay and also at the boarding house. Needless to say, she’s keen to board again! She has enjoyed the Sixth Form social events, such as a BBQ at the start of the year, Christmas Ball and Chinese New Year – and likes the fact that they are allowed the occasional glass of wine (under supervision of course!).

“On a practical level, the admissions process ran very smoothly. From our initial conversations through to accepting the offer, we were impressed with the standard of communication from the school and information provided. We were particularly pleased that we were able to visit the school in person, despite Covid, for both an individual tour and also an open morning. As we live a distance from King’s, the school minibus service has been invaluable to us and is totally reliable.

“We are delighted with our decision to choose King’s for Lauren’s Sixth Form education. She is thriving and making the most of all the opportunities on offer. Most importantly, she is happy and enjoys life at King’s – which is exactly what we were hoping for.”

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