“OUR daughters, Lucy and Anna, joined King’s Ely Junior in 2008 in Years 5 and 3 respectively.

“Lucy left King’s Ely two years ago (2017) having completed her A Levels and is now studying Psychology at Durham University.

“King’s Ely offers an enormous range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities, and from day one Lucy was encouraged to join sports teams, music choirs and she took up the flute and singing lessons.

“Shortly after moving up into King’s Ely Senior, Lucy joined Ely Cathedral Girls’ Choir as a chorister, during which time she boarded weekly. The valuable life lessons she learnt, the friends that she made and the excellent musical training she received under the guidance and musicianship of Choir Director, Sarah MacDonald, shaped who she is today and helped prepare her for life at University and beyond.

“Anna leaves King’s Ely this summer (2019) having just completed A Levels in Fine Art, Photography and Textile Design. Alison Rhodes, Director of Art, organises workshops, outings and encourages the students to showcase their work at various exhibitions and competitions including Burghley, Alexandra Palace and Olympia. Thanks to these opportunities, Anna has found her niche and is heading to Loughborough University to study Textile Design. On the subject of University, King’s Ely staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience and work with the students in Sixth Form to prepare, support and guide them through their UCAS applications.

“Both Lucy and Anna have flourished on their respective journeys through the school, with their individual strengths having been encouraged and nurtured. Being a part of the King’s Ely community over these past 11 years, as students and parents, has been a privilege and an incredible journey.

“As a former Chairman of Governors once said, “Kings Ely is a good place to be” – indeed it is.”

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