“The earliest memory of our daughter, Lily, (now aged 18 and in her final year at King’s) is asking her what she had done at school one day, when aged five. She said, with a straight and sombre face, “Oh nothing special – just the usual. What’s for tea?” Later, when we opened the school newsletter, Lily was pictured with a boa constrictor snake around her neck! The class had paid a visit to a local pet shop with some exotic species in stock, which everyone had greatly enjoyed. We hasten to add, it was safely done with no harm done to reptiles or children!

“Moving on to Lily being aged eight and, as part of the rich history of Music and other Performing Arts at King’s, she was encouraged to pick an instrument to play. The only one left in the cupboard was a cello. (Tip for parents of aspiring musicians: for ease of transportation, a nice compact flute is recommended!). To everyone’s amazement, the cello suited Lily well; she had a natural talent and quickly progressed through the grades to Diploma standard. It has been a skill that has given her (and others) much joy, satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. She has frequently played at Ely Cathedral, both solo and in Orchestra, and gets immense pleasure from doing so.

“Like many children, Lily was at King’s during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020/21. It was when the virtual classroom was invented and teachers at King’s had to quickly become more creative and supportive of children across the small screen, where classes took place for what seemed an eternity. It is a testament to the depth, compassion and tenacity of the wonderful individuals at King’s that they pulled everyone through this challenging time – both academically and pastorally.

“When it came to choosing A-Level subjects, it was the case that she could have done Arts (including Music) or Sciences. To illustrate this, at age 16, the class entered an inter-school Spanish Language Competition having written an original play. The standard was such that Lily won a week’s stay at a language school in Granada, Spain, in 2022.

“As Lily entered the Sixth Form at King’s, she became a Queen’s Scholar (it is an ancient accolade bestowed on those achieving the highest grades at the end of Senior School). It means she can get married at Ely Cathedral, although we are hoping as parents not to pick up this bill if and when the time comes!

“As she nears the end of her time at King’s, Lily has made the decision to pursue her love of History and she been offered a place at the University of Cambridge. She is thrilled and, although is sad to be leaving King’s, she is very much looking forward to her next chapter. Lily will miss all the friends she has made during her fifteen years at school, and teachers/non-academic staff as well!

“Although it has meant sacrifices to fund this type of education (and the serious cello hobby!), the environment of supportive learning for such a wide range of topics has really suited our daughter, and we are very thankful that she has had this truly formative and lasting schooling experience at King’s.

“From the school dinner servers to her cello teacher and musical director, from those arranging mock university interviews to individuals looking after her in the medical centre when needed – thank you to everyone who has played a part in Lily’s amazing time at King’s.”

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