“OUR son Tristan, (Year 13), joined King’s Ely as a chorister in the summer term of Year 5. As a chorister, he was required to be a full boarder, something which required a lot of getting used to. Throughout the time he boarded, the staff of the school, boarding house and cathedral were hugely supportive of him and of us. Tristan became a day student when he moved into King’s Ely Senior, but the connections he made with the King’s Ely Junior staff and his fellow choristers have lasted all the way through Senior school.

“Academically, Tristan has progressed in leaps and bounds from a pensive start seven years ago. The learning support department at King’s Ely has been instrumental in his Academic success, offering support to Tristan as and when he needed it. He achieved a very respectable set of GCSE results and has recently won both the Latin and Greek Prizes. He plans to study Classics at University next academic year, and the King’s Ely staff have used their considerable experience in working with all the students to prepare and guide them with their UCAS applications.

“Tristan has participated in a number of sports including, Rowing and Badminton. While not a natural sportsman, Tristan has thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a wide variety of sports and particularly enrichment subjects; most recently Calligraphy and Croquet. Tristan’s passion is Music and again King’s Ely has made it possible for him to develop this aspect in several ways; notably a Sixth Form Choral Scholarship, singing with Chapel Choir and The King’s Barbers, as well as his individual instrument lessons. Both as a chorister and in his Senior choir roles, he has had the opportunity to tour various countries including Norway, France and Spain.

“Tristan has truly flourished, both as an individual and as a team member, and in this, his final year, at King’s Ely he has been appointed Deputy Head of School. From his start at King’s Ely when he was a young and apprehensive chorister, he has had an incredible journey and although these are his own achievements, all have been made possible by the school.

“Having made the decision to keep Tristan at King’s Ely when he finished being a chorister, we were keen to enrol our daughter Jessica (now entering Year 9) when she was in Year 5, and subsequently made the decision to move from Essex to Cambridgeshire to enable the children to be day students.

“Jessica immediately took to King’s Ely, immersing herself in Sport, Music and Academic aspects under the guidance of the staff of King’s Ely Junior. King’s Ely has provided all the motivation and support Jessica has needed to do very well in her Academic studies in an environment where effort as well as achievement are recognised and rewarded. She has consistently been awarded effort and achievement certificates.

“Jessica has represented the school in sports including Netball, Hockey, Cricket and Athletics, and as she moves into King’s Ely Senior she will be taking part in Rowing at a more serious level. The sportsmanship instilled in the pupils by the staff is lovely to see and is demonstrated through teams’ approaches to losses and victories.

“Music is a big part of Jessica’s life too. She plays the piano and saxophone and she sings, the latter individually and in the King’s Voices and Chamber Choirs (she has toured Belgium and Germany with the choirs). She plays in the Jazz Band and school Orchestra. Jessica has taken part in the school musical productions of Whistle Down the Wind and Cats and she loved performing in them. Recently Jessica has won the Senior School Music Scholarship and the Director of Music’s Award, and she has won several prizes in the school Music Competition.

“In short, King’s Ely has been at the heart of our family for the past seven years and this promises to continue for a few years to come. Sending our children to King’s Ely has been a significant investment, but one which continues to generate great pride and a lot of joy.”

Testimonial by King’s Ely parents, Mr and Mrs Harding

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