“From the Open Day, the settling-in days, our daughter’s first day, and up until the present day, King’s Ely Acremont Nursery has been a pillar of support and excellence.

“Since July 2023, we have travelled back and forth to Ely from a small town near March, three days a week, and it has been worth the sacrifice. We would never regret the decision to place Charlee-Anne at the Nursery, especially when she comes home beaming with joy and excited to tell us all about her day.

“Charlee-Anne thoroughly enjoys her daily activities at Nursery, especially drawing and playing with both the “indoor kitchen” and “outside mud kitchen”. The staff have definitely contributed positively to her development, use of new words, and confidence. She often comes home and wants us to emulate the work she has completed with Mrs Smith, Ms Wright, and Miss Coldrick. The exceptional staff are a topic of conversation at the dinner table as Charlee-Anne always delights in telling us that she ‘has had Miss Coldrick’ or ‘had Mrs Smith’ that day. We have always been met with smiles and informative information when receiving handovers and any other Nursery activity information. The use of the family app is also an added bonus for keeping us informed.

“The highlight of last year for us was seeing Charlee-Anne playing a star in the Christmas Nativity, and seeing how hard she worked to learn all the songs and actions. The entire Nursery did extremely well and it was a delight to watch and see the innovative ways the children have learnt and keep learning with such an amazing performance.

“We feel safe and at peace, and we are looking forward to seeing how Charlee-Anne grows within the school. We may even move closer to Ely!”

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