“THE ‘Golding tribe’ is delighted to have joined the King’s Ely family and to have met such inspirational teaching and coaching staff, along with so many engaged and enthusiastic parents.

“King’s Ely’s reputation certainly precedes itself but you don’t really get a true feeling for the depth of those recommendations until you have experienced the school’s community for yourself. Within the first week of our sons, Benjamin and Edward, joining King’s Ely Acremont and King’s Ely Junior, we simply could not believe the change in both the boys’ happiness and their commitment to learning.

“We think King’s must sprinkle some magic dust when it comes to children’s enthusiasm to learn and their emotional wellbeing! We have since had this confirmed when comparing the King’s experience with many other parents in our peer groups. Our boys felt happy, settled, more confident and engaged within just five days of being at King’s. They were excited to go to school each morning! They cannot help but feel valued thanks to their individual smaller classes and the community as a whole.

“The level of care and attention given to each individual child shines from the very first contact with the school. King’s is genuinely interested in each personality, how they learn and what makes them tick. From here, the school builds an enriched learning path tailored to each individual. With the school’s guidance and support, children are encouraged to feel proud of themselves and their achievements, not just to make their parents and teachers proud too. This is quickly visible in their results and relationships. Children are always shown respect and listened to as people in their own right, and this ethos then extends to how they treat one another in school.

“As a parent, there is always someone available to support or guide you, whether that be via telephone, email or face-to-face, and our children know they can trust and speak to any member of staff. Parents also form their own communities and support one another, which has been especially valuable through the recent lockdown.

“We would highly recommend that anyone who is thinking about sending their children to King’s connects with the school community early on in their decision-making journey. This way, they can benefit from the experience and guidance that is given from the outset.”

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