“Our children, Ella and Charlie, both started at King’s Ely in Nursery 1. Charlie is now in Year 1 at King’s Ely Acremont and Ella is in Year 7 at King’s Ely Junior.

“We find it hard to put into words how we feel about King’s Ely. If friends ask us for advice when they are choosing a school for their children, we get so excited when telling them about all the different opportunities on offer at King’s Ely.

“The teachers are so caring; when you meet them at parents’ evening and other events you can see they genuinely care about your children and want to help them achieve their best.

“Some days when you pick the children up from school, they both want to tell you about their day and it can be quite overwhelming. How do you fit so many different things into a school week? The newsletters are brilliant as they remind me what’s going on the following week and I can see what a busy week they have had.

“We feel extremely lucky that our children go to King’s Ely. We love the fact that we drop happy children off at school every morning and that they are both going to have a fun day filled with learning and adventure.”

Testimonial by King’s Ely Acremont and King’s Ely Junior parents, Mr and Mrs Bibby

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