Lily Buckley, 16, from Ely, pictured right.

What GCSE results did you achieve?

I achieved 2 Grade 9’s, 4 Grade 8’s, 2 Grade 7’s, a Grade 6 and a Grade 5. I am very proud of my results.

Which year group did you join King’s Ely?

I joined King’s Ely right at the beginning in Nursery One. This means that I have so far spent 14 years and my whole education here. I am so happy to have the opportunity to stay at King’s Ely Sixth Form and complete my education where it all began.

What extra-curricular activities do you enjoy most here?

King’s Ely has not only satisfied my educational needs but also my Sport and Music ones too. The school has supported me to gain a Grade 5 in Music Theory, a few guitar grades and I am currently hoping to take my Grade 7 Singing. This love of Music has been influenced highly by the school choirs, which I have been involved with since King’s Ely Junior.

The school has also inspired a liking for Tennis and Hockey, and the more diverse sports options available, such as Aerobics.

How do you feel King’s Ely and your teachers have helped you to get good grades?

The teachers at King’s Ely have all made an exceptional effort to help me obtain my GCSE grades, whether it be in the form of support groups offered daily, or the individual support that each teacher provides.

What A Levels are you studying and what are your future career ambitions?

I am studying History, Textiles, English and Biology. I believe these chosen A Level subjects will help me keep my options open whilst allowing me to potentially study Law in the future.

Why King’s Ely Sixth Form? What are the main reasons you want to stay?

King’s Ely has been the perfect school for me so far, and I know that will continue to be the case in the Sixth Form.

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