BREAKFASTS from all over the world were on the menu at King’s Ely this week when students took part in Shake up your Wake up’s Breakfast Week, a nationwide initiative which aims to raise awareness of the health and nutritional benefits of eating a good breakfast every morning. The school took the idea one step further so that students could learn how people from across the globe prepare their morning meals.

“Juniors in Years 6 and 7 got the chance to sample a wide variety of foods, including American waffles, Tortillas from Mexico, Spanish churos and Dutch cheese and ham on bread,” explained Jayne Mackay, Head of Food Technology.

“Over in King’s Ely Senior, students had their breakfast prepared for them by their peers in King’s Ely International, giving them the chance to not only try traditional breakfasts from around the world but to learn how to create them. Students cooked up interesting breakfasts from their countries of origin, such as Chinese noodles, Russian pancakes, and Canadian scones with maple syrup – a recipe which was passed down from the student’s mother.”

King’s Ely International’s Director, Sarah Bellotti, added: “The event has provided a marvellous opportunity to showcase our International students’ breakfasts. I am delighted to see how healthy their choice of breakfasts were and how quickly the students managed to produce the tasty food. I was particularly pleased that our International students could share their culinary skills with their British peers and that everyone appreciated a fantastic choice of breakfast foods to kick start the day.”

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