OUR weekly Avicenna Society presentations/discussions still took place throughout the Summer Term – albeit virtually!

The society is for King’s Ely Senior students who have an interest in the medical and veterinary professions.

Speaking about the Society’s activities over the last term in our end of term Senior Newsletter, Year 11 student, Sam Barber, said: “Avicenna; the medic and vet society, has continued during lockdown from all over the globe. The commitment from everyone involved has been shown through the high standard of presentations and joining the meeting all the way from Hong Kong where a Year 9 pupil had religiously attended despite the time gap! We were determined to keep up with the fun that is had and even welcomed a new member during the lockdown.

“We have covered a huge range of topics, from the ethics of vaccines to COVID-19 origami. We were determined to discuss the topical issue but find a way for it to be enjoyable even in lockdown. So, the origami was very informative whilst also showing some hidden skills by some members. When making the elements of the virus, we discussed what each organelle does and how it affects the human body especially in the lung cell. This gave us a better understanding of the virus and then looked at the symptoms and how they were very similar to other viral infections.

“We also had presentations from some members of the group on a specific job within the medical field and NHS that they were interested in. The standard of research and presentation was fantastic, showing the dedication of all those involved. The presentations were varied and informative, with topics from general practice to emergency medicine and working as a dietitian by translating scientific research into health and food guidance for members of the public. This gave us all an incredible insight into how varied medicine can be!

“With all of this going on, we have had a very productive term and we are grateful for all the work that the teachers have put in for us.”

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