In which year group did you join King’s?

I joined King’s in Nursery 1!

What A-Level grades did you achieve?

Classical Civilisation – A*, English Literature – A*, History – A*

EPQ – ‘How did women in classical literature express power and agency, and to what extent was this mirrored in ancient history?’ – A*

What University/Institution are you going to and what will you be studying?

I am going to St Hilda’s College, Oxford to read Classical Archaeology and Ancient History.

Are you going to University this year, or are you taking a gap year?

I am going to University this year.

What career path do you plan on pursuing?

I do not have a clue at the moment!

What else did you participate in during your time at King’s?

I have taken part in so much during my time at King’s! I loved taking part in all of the Art Clubs in Junior School, as well as various Choirs over the years – ranging from one in Acremont to King’s Voices to Chapel Choir! I was also lucky enough to represent the school in many sporting teams, especially in Junior School, which included Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Athletics, and to being the last in the batting order in Cricket (where I would really enjoy making daisy chains in the sun!). Throughout King’s I have also loved taking part in countless Cross Country Competitions in the rain, representing Cambridgeshire several times! I have also enjoyed taking part in DofE expeditions, especially playing Monopoly and going wild camping on Gold DofE. History Café and An ‘Other’ Club have been amazing experiences too – I particularly love the intellectual debate in An ‘Other’ Club! Of course, being a Scholar and Prefect has been great too, with a few highlights being the chaotic Sunday Scholar Services, the Hoop Trundle and Lunch Duty! My Drama participation has been rather limited (luckily for the Drama Department!) due to my rather minimal acting ability – stopping with my role as the sleeping dormouse in Alice in Wonderland in Year 6.

Do you feel that you have been well supported at King’s?

Definitely! My teachers have really gone above and beyond for me throughout my time at King’s! Within my GCSE and A-Level courses, my teachers have responded to my countless confused, and rather lengthy, emails even on Sundays and the holidays, whilst they also organised extra lessons for me, saw me at lunch times, or after or before school. This extra support became even clearer when I was preparing for my Oxford interview, where I had several extra lessons a week with different teachers, with Mr Currie even organising mock interviews for me! I definitely could not have got into Oxford without their support! I have not only been supported academically by my teachers, but everyone at King’s, from my friends, the cleaners, catering team, ground staff, and teachers have always brightened up my day with their support! Lower down the school, I really appreciated, and still do, the faith a few teachers had in my determination; I think this is really what has inspired me to work hard.

What will you miss most about King’s and what did you enjoy most during your time here?

I think I will miss the shared experiences which create the atmosphere at King’s. This has been created most notably through lessons, trips, Cathedral Services, breaktimes, socials, TAGs, and the camaraderie in Houses (and against others!). I think it is this spirit which I enjoyed and will miss the most.

In what ways do you think King’s is unique or special compared to other schools?

Having only been to King’s I cannot really compare it to any other school.

Describe King’s in three words!


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