In which year group did you join King’s?

I joined in Year 3.

What A-Level grades did you achieve?

Psychology – A*, History – A, Geography – A.

What University/Institution are you going to and what will you be studying?

I am off to Durham University to study History.

Are you going to University this year, or are you taking a gap year?

I am heading straight to University.

What career path do you plan on pursuing?

Potentially Law.

What else did you participate in during your time at King’s?

I was a Prefect. I was Captain of both the XI Hockey and Cricket Teams. I also dabbled in Music.

Do you feel that you have been well supported at King’s?

Yes, King’s supported me well. This was especially clear during exam seasons and the run up to A-Levels, when my teachers gave me plenty of revision material to help me succeed. There were always people who I could go and talk to.

What will you miss most about King’s and what did you enjoy most during your time here?

One thing about school that I think you take for granted is the ability to see your friends every day, and this is certainly something that I will miss. There are so many aspects of King’s that I have enjoyed, but what I enjoyed most was my time on the sports field, although the school lunches are a close second!

In what ways do you think King’s is unique or special compared to other schools?

One way King’s always stands out from other schools is its connection with the Cathedral. It is not everyday that your school chapel is a Cathedral! Secondly, the fact that well-behaved dogs are allowed on campus and in classes is something you do not find in other schools. This is a policy which I personally love!

Describe King’s in three words!

Blue (the colour!)

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