MONTHS of rehearsals paid off when King’s Ely Junior pupils staged their ‘Evening with Aesop’ performance.

The production in the Morbey Hall on May 15th saw the whole of Year 5 perform a collection of nine Aesop’s fables; some well-known and others less so. Year 5 students have spent their Drama lessons putting together their stories since January, which included ensemble work and strong characterisation of over 100 different characters, most of them animals.

The tales included 5CC performing ‘The Donkey in The Lion’s Skin’, where a sad donkey hides inside a lion costume and gains the respect he is lacking, but at a price! 5JW presented ‘The Hare and The Tortoise’, where the tortoise proved slow and steady really can win the race, and 5MB’s stories included ‘The Dog in the Manger’, where the dog was reminded he should focus on his own responsibilities after he frightened the cows in the barn.

Arts Award Coordinator and Teacher of Drama at King’s Ely Junior, Laura Dixon, said: “The evening went exceptionally well and the children really did themselves proud after a long day of rehearsals. They performed with exaggeration and clear characters, projected well and entertained their audience thoroughly with their clever performance ideas. Well done Year 5!”

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