THANK you to everyone who supported our second Digital Picnic of the Summer term at King’s Ely Junior on June 4th.

The event, which was for pupils and families in Years 3-8, was split into two parts. In the first part, 7 of our Digital Leaders from Years 5-8 took to the stage to discuss their online experiences with using platforms like Roblox, Youtube, Minecraft, TikTok, Instagram and Fortnite.

The students shared some negative experiences that they have had, such as being contacted by strangers and how they dealt with them. They also shared their experiences of how best to manage screen time, friend requests and online play in order to maximise fun and safer digital time. The adults in attendance also had the opportunity to share their experiences and tips for managing children’s digital time.

The second part of the Digital Picnic saw families moving around the Morbey Hall to visit different information stalls run by the Digital Leaders. Each stall had heaps of information about popular APPs and games. Families had time to sit down with some delicious picnic food to discuss their digital lives including a chance to fill out a Family Agreement on the subject!

Head of Computing and Digital Innovation at King’s Ely Junior, Dan Everest, who organises the school’s Digital Picnics, said: “I am very proud of the way the Digital Leaders presented themselves on stage, explaining the highs and lows of their digital lives. It is very encouraging that our students take the matter so seriously and are aware of the digital dangers in their world. I am glad so many parents were able to attend to see more of the knowledge the students already have and how they can work with their children to continue to support them online. Parents shouldn’t feel alone when dealing with their children’s digital lives as all parents are having similar experiences. It is important that parents speak to one another and the school about any issues that do arise, as we all have the children’s best interests at heart.”

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