MELODRAMA is being explored by Year 12 students in their ‘Acting Technique’ workshops!

Last week, the group worked on an introduction to melodrama and this week they layered classic textual examples, to see how voice intertwines with exaggerated physicality and style.

Alexandra Moxon, our Director in Residence, said: “We journeyed from Ancient Greece, where the group explored a dramatic text from the spurned wife Medea, who kills her two sons to spite her husband, Jason, after he leaves her for another woman.

“The group then changed eras and travelled to the 2000s, looking at an extract from the well-loved chick-flick comedy classic, Mean Girls. Again another example of melodrama, where the teen girls cannot believe how it is possible for someone to wear any other colour but pink on a Wednesday!

“The students successfully understood the requirements of performing to the Gods, as they did in Ancient Greece, as well as a more filmographic style, when approaching Mean Girls.”

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