“I wonder if you have heard from an older relative or friend recently that they have had or are about to have a Covid vaccine? I don’t think I have really thought about how lucky I have been in the past to be vaccinated against various diseases. I have taken it for granted as I have got on with my life here in the UK or gone away on holiday.

“I have been very aware this week of the relief in people I have spoken to that they have an appointment coming up soon. In time, we will all have the opportunity to be offered this layer of protection. As I thought more about it, I started to reflect on the people in the laboratories over the last few months working out how to make the vaccines that will offer the necessary protection. Who are they? How many times have they met with frustration in experiments in the laboratory and then tried again in order to succeed?

“We hear of the company names that have created the vaccines, but they are made up of people who will have gone to school like you and taken an interest in their subjects to the point that they have become experts in their field. Frankly, I am just very grateful to them. I realise also that who they are, what they look like, what their background and outside interests are do not matter to me at all. I am just very grateful to them for their expertise that is helping humanity and allowing us all to see a route ahead to getting back to normal living again.

“Your school studies are setting you on a path into your future as well. As a teacher that is also very exciting to think about. Keep going!”

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