“THIS is a very unusual start to term, but we wanted to reassure you of our support for you all. Even though we are all having to work remotely, it is important that we still feel part of a school community and look out for each other.

“It is understandable that we may feel isolated, but we are all feeling the same way and can maintain a sense of togetherness despite our distance. We will be back together in person before too long but in the meantime, please stay safe and enjoy all the aspects of school life that still go on.

“Reach out to your teachers, tutors and HsMs if you need their help, but also know that the prefect team is there for you as well.

“We can make this period of lockdown a time when the school community works together to ensure that everybody is cared for and is in a good place for our return to school in person in the weeks to come.

“Good luck with everything.”

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