“A FABULOUS start to the year, thanks to the welcoming sunshine offering time outside with new friends! Overall an array of activities surrounded the children’s busy days spent settling into new routines this week. School is buzzing and full of your children, and long may that be the case! The mitigations we have in place this term are unobtrusive but seem to have been effective to date, and so we set forth into Week 2 very positively.

“All parents will have received a message from the team of Tutors this week and we encourage you to be in touch regarding any aspects of the routines we may be able to clarify. Your first point of contact is the Tutor. Should you need to call school during the working day, messages may be left for Tutors with any of the admin team.

“Next week will see photographers in school to take individual pupil photographs but there will also be roaming professional photographers at school on Wednesday and Thursday too because the time has come for us to gather more publicity images. The whole school photograph, originally scheduled for next Friday, has been postponed to a later point in the school year. On Wednesday King’s Ely celebrates the recent 50th anniversary of girls joining the school with some special events. Saturday is the major recruitment event for Years 3-6 next September, with Sunday then offering an experience of chorister life for girls and the installation of choristers at morning Eucharist.

“Before then though, we wish you and the children a restful weekend.”

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