“THE last week raced by with lots of activities happening, such as our focus on Ascension Day at Ely Cathedral on Wednesday and Thursday, assessments in core subjects for Years 5 and 6, and more preparations for the rescheduled Open Event tomorrow. It has also been Mental Health Awareness Week and so House Meetings, visits by our Community Welfare Team and discussions across the school have focused on securing and strengthening our wellbeing.

“Following the lockdowns and the over-reliance on devices which became a necessity, it is only now that we have left the impersonal, distant communications of the screen world, that the children’s face to face conversations and reasoned debating skills are coming back to the fore again. It is good to have the opportunity to restore the children’s connections with one another at school, and we are very much focussing on positive communication skills.

“Linked to the focus on communication skills will be the adjustments to our Covid mitigations from Monday, which sees mask wearing for students no longer being required. Please note the article in this week’s Junior Newsletter which specifies the ways in which our routines and procedures at school are evolving from Monday morning.

“Until then, we wish you and your children a calm, healthy and happy weekend ahead.”

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