“IN the warm sunshine on School Field on Friday morning, over one thousand members of our community mounted the scaffold to prepare for the whole school photograph to be taken. What a spectacle I am sure we all made but also, what a special event too – since the previous photograph was cancelled as the pandemic arrived, this coming together in the glorious weather offered a metaphoric embrace for all members of King’s on the field. Giggles about positioning, laughter at the hands being raised at the wrong moment and admiration for the plethora of academic hoods on show, offered a snapshot of our community at one of its traditional set pieces. The children behaved very well and I hope that the specialness of the event wasn’t lost on them.

“Next week we will bring this term to an end after a really industrious time at school. Whilst levels of attendance and staffing have fluctuated, the school has remained entirely purposeful and a great deal has been achieved. We are looking forward to the Summer Term ahead with a great sense of anticipation due to all the sport, trips and activities we are resuming once again.

“Before the end of term at 3.45pm on March 30th, we send our best wishes for a restful and warm weekend.”

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