“IT seems as though someone has not told the skies that the seasons have rolled through to summer yet! A very wet week at school has provided a challenge but proved that the “bubbles” we have in place won’t pop if we have the odd wet break or two.

“The recent announcement that schools may be able to consider if they could welcome more children into their buildings from the end of June came as no real surprise to anyone involved in education. But anyone who has visited or walked around the Junior parts of King’s in recent weeks will appreciate that this is not a realistic proposition unless guidance changes dramatically. Our building isn’t able to accommodate many more than one hundred students if we maintain social distancing and so we just are not able to open to more year groups than we have currently.

“For that reason the team and I have been working through plans for virtual move ups, prizegiving, end of year meetings and so forth, to ensure that we mark the end of the academic year in a fitting way for all the children. We expect to be able to outline the plans for you next week and convey our arrangements for the most positive end of term we can offer. In the meantime, please encourage your child(ren) to send in their image for inclusion in the class photographs which are being compiled over the next week or so. These will be available to purchase and will record each Tutor Group from this most peculiar chapter in time. Instructions will be mailed to you and the children to assist with the arrangements.

“My themes for assemblies this week covered connections – starting with our desire to see all the children as stars – waiting to shine or already shining brightly and then, on Thursday in our Service, we considered the responsibilities we have in an inclusive and just world to ensure that everyone lives without prejudice. During these days, which for many can seem unsettling, we hope that the regular pattern of assemblies and services are helpful constants for the children to punctuate their days with.

“Best wishes for a lovely weekend…”

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