“THIS week’s stunning skies and lengthening days have encouraged the children to embark on their school days with real gusto. Activities and clubs began and our routines for the term are now re-established.

“During PSHE lessons this week, Years 7 and 8 learned about Teen Tips, a pastorally focussed set of online platforms for staff, parents and students. The resource is available to King’s Ely parents. In addition to the resource aimed at supporting teens, we also partner with Supporting Links, who are offering other workshops and events for parents on a regular basis. I commend both range of resources to you and draw your attention to the materials being shared in this week’s Junior Newsletter.

“Looking forward, we have some tests next week for many of our Years 3 to 6 children and entry assessments for others hoping to gain places at King’s come September. Your children have been great ambassadors for the school with the guests we have been hosting – albeit with the visitors ringfenced as a group, rather than integrated in lessons as is usually the case. We are very grateful for the warm welcomes that the children project to put our candidates at ease nonetheless.

“Best wishes for the week ahead.”

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