“THE children have been quite incredible in how they have mostly been sustaining their work ethic and embracing the opportunities you and we are offering them whilst lockdown continues. The resolve they show by working so steadfastly on their tasks and by engaging in the person to person communication with their teachers has been so very encouraging to witness again this week. Please convey the pride we take in their approach and the resulting progress despite the majority of them working remotely. Our continued gratitude extends to all of you who have been supporting them and us in myriad ways.

“There are certain events in society which leave their mark on all of us through our shared experience. One such event that the children will have been touched by was the way the nation embraced Captain Sir Tom Moore’s charitable efforts and the example the tale of his life set for them. It was poignant that our flag was once again flying at half-mast at KEJ on Wednesday as a mark of respect.

“This, on the day before the one we had set aside to focus on promoting awareness of children’s mental health, made the positive role model’s passing all the more relevant. Sir Tom’s determination, humility and informed perspective on things, which we came to appreciate as the nation’s knowledge of him grew over time, were admirable traits we would hope to instil in our pupils too. Selfless service, family first and genuine appreciation of others were all grounding influences it seems for him and as we move on towards half term next week, we hold these things dear in his honour.

“We send you every good wish for a happy and restful weekend.”

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