“DESPITE our patience running thin with online learning and the sense of being at too great a distance from your children for too long nearly overwhelming us, this week brought confirmation that very soon we will be reunited. Along with us, the sense of relief at the prospect of a sustained return to school will have buoyed you and the children as well. Whilst any limitations of remote learning will not be missed, we anticipate a renewed appreciation of being together at school for the pupils.

“There is much to celebrate over the weeks and months ahead due to the children’s efforts and colleagues’ valiant work to connect with them meaningfully via the screens! We now tentatively start to plan for the resumption of at least some of the normalities we have missed and we will be considering how we embrace the best of the innovative ways we worked over the past year as we move forward.

“With every good wish to you and your families for the weekend – before our final week of remote teaching and learning for most.”

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