“ANOTHER sunny (but rather chilly!) week saw the children resume fixtures, school clubs and their activities in earnest. The tennis courts, pool, nets, astroturf, sports hall and fields were all gainfully employed and the children’s eagerness to embrace sport was palpable. Rehearsals, choirs, ensembles, clubs and activities were all well attended and it was wonderful to see the breadth of opportunities on offer again.

“We hosted a talk from the police for Year 8 children on inclusion and diversity, and there was the rescheduled parent session led by Gemma Fieldsend from the Charlie Waller Trust which took place on Wednesday evening. Thursday evening provided the opportunity for us to connect via the web for the Year 8 parents’ evening and although we welcome the efficiency of the online system, we miss meeting you all in person. We hope that it won’t be long before we can resume our normal levels of social interaction here at school events.

“Next week, starting on Tuesday 4th after the Bank Holiday, is set to be a short but busy few days at King’s Ely Junior. There are forums for the children to attend, fixtures on Wednesday, Cathedral Services on Wednesday and Thursday, and the ‘Road to Wimbledon’ tennis tournament for our U12A’s on Friday. The school will also be preparing for the main event this term for prospective parents on Saturday 8th May, when families will be visiting in a socially distanced and staggered way. There is also a match for the U13A boys’ team and rehearsals for The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe cast that day. Looking slightly further ahead, on the 11th May, we have the KEJ Form photographs being taken.

“We wish you and the children a great Exeat weekend and look forward to picking up where we left off today, on Tuesday morning.”

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