“THE welcome return of infectious giggles and youthful exuberance meant that this week offered a wonderful new chapter for all the adults and children able to be at school on our partial return. Meanwhile, at home, the prowess of most of the children has become an impressive feature of our distance learning.

“My inbox is filled with examples of some of the most creative and innovative children’s work I could imagine. Film clips, photo collages, audio recordings, posters, websites and full-on documentaries are all jostling for space on our servers – congratulations to all of you partnering us at home to enable the children to create these lovely pieces. There are many special treasures being made and they will be mementos from this surreal time for us to celebrate as we look back one day.

“Year 8 are starting to focus on their move to Year 9 at King’s Ely Senior or elsewhere at the end of the term and so we too are turning our attention to the ways we will be able to celebrate their rite of passage from the “Junior” section to the “Senior” part of the school. Yearbooks, hoodies, Humphries Challenge and even their Personal Enrichment Projects are all going to happen before we depart for the summer and they leave us full of anticipation for the road ahead.

“All our other year groups have their own important changes for September to prepare for and so we will be working hard to virtually help them with moving on up over the last few weeks of term. Prizegiving will happen online and we will introduce children to new form tutors once all our plans are made. We will keep you informed about the plans over the coming weeks.

“Congratulations to everyone involved in making this first week of our split school’s life so full. I hope that this weekend, though looking likely to be a little damp, will provide a chance to take a shared deep breath before we launch into another busy and productive week ahead.”

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