“Thank you to everyone who donated towards the collection for Ely Foodbank. It was a tremendous effort, and I hope some of you have had the opportunity to view Mr Mathie’s short film clip on our social media feeds of the impressive collection of food placed under the Octagon Tower in the Cathedral.

“This week has seen the start of Black History Month, with the theme ‘Saluting our Sisters’ introduced during assemblies. Thank you to Ivana Peat for a wonderful and moving personal story, and to other members of the King’s Unity Team who presented: Thomas Perceval-Maxwell, Isa Holland, Elizabeth Raynes, and Eliza Suiter. Increasingly, pupils are presenting in assemblies and Cathedral Services (Withburga presented beautifully on Monday morning on the importance of personal Wellbeing and Happiness) and I am grateful that more and more pupils are willing to literally ‘step up’ and get involved.”

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