“‘There’s power in love; there’s power in love to help and heal when nothing else can’. This was the wonderful message we listened to in Cathedral on Monday (October 17th) morning as King’s Ely Junior hosted our mid-term service and Mr Riches addressed the school. These words were first spoken by Bishop Michael Curry in May 2018 and resonant today as strongly as ever.

“Buoyed up by this positive start to the week, we launched our focused learning with ‘Let’s have a moment of Science!’ The excitement which comes with experimenting, predicting, and observing change in action has given a suitably dramatic and colourful end to the half term, especially as we approach the festival of Diwali and Bonfire Night. We send our thanks to Mr Kittoe from King’s Ely Senior, who spent time in the hall on Thursday (October 20th) demonstrating the properties of fire and the effects of combining elements and yes, we did make all the usual noises as the indoor fireworks crackled and fizzed into action!

“This week has not all been about Science, however. Year 1 had a wonderful trip to Audley End. The children are writing a recount of their experiences as I type and, fuelled with their favourite moments, are writing with energy and pace. Not only is going on a minibus and eating a packed lunch huge fun, even in the rain, but educational trips truly enrich and stimulate learning.

“To complete our busy week, it has been a joy to host our Nursery ‘At Home’ and share new ideas and catch up with parents both online and in person. We also welcomed parents to our Curriculum and Assessment Evening on Wednesday (October 19th), which provided an opportunity to share the pedagogy behind our busy days at Nursery and Pre-Prep and in doing so, help to understand the development of skills and knowledge both during the year and within our setting.

“We return to school on Monday 7th November, and we will conclude that week with a short Remembrance gathering for the children. Parents and carers are welcome to join Junior and Senior at the Cathedral for our Remembrance Service there, beginning at 10.30am.

“As the half term holiday beckons, I would like to wish you all a relaxing, fun, and restful time together.”

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