“With a week to go before the half term holiday, it is little wonder that there are a few yawns in class as we conclude week six of this long, seven-week section of the Michaelmas Term. That said, the weather has been remarkably mild, and we have all been enjoying lots of time outside in the warmth of the autumn sunshine. On Thursday, we very much enjoyed greeting Nursery parents and family members to our ‘Stay and Play’ event. Thank you to everyone who took part in this very successful event, made delicious by Miss Wright’s ‘nibbles table’, engaging with the activities prepared by our practitioners, and enormously exciting for the children who had huge fun with their families.

“This morning (October 14th), we have welcomed Reception parents in for an extended drop-off at the Reception ‘Step into the Classroom’ event. Much like our ‘Stay and Play’, this gives our younger children the opportunity to share their environment, and sometimes, when little is shared at the end of a tired day, this time helps parents to share their children’s experiences. Soon after, I very much enjoyed sharing conversation and coffee with Year 2 parents, both in person and online, during our ‘At Home’ gathering in the Music Room.

“This week has also been one of preparation, as we look to the final week of the half term, which commences with our mid-term service in the Cathedral, hosted by King’s Ely Junior. At Acremont, we particularly look forward to this Service as it is an opportunity to glimpse forward opportunities, see old friends performing, and where siblings give support to each other. To round off our half term, we have timetabled a week of focused learning, arranged by Mrs Walker, our Science Co-ordinator. ‘Let’s take a moment of Science’ will put our investigative skills under the spotlight as we delve into the whole school theme of ‘Light and Dark’. Each year group will take a thread of this subject, ranging from chromatography to shadow light, nocturnal animals and firework reactions, to experiment, research and form conclusions on, during the week.

“As the week progresses, we will also host friends and colleagues from the Senior School Science Department, who will be joining us for exciting demonstrations and workshops… but I won’t spoil surprises just yet with the details! We will come together during our Friday Assembly to share results, discuss findings, and impress each other with the range of technical vocabulary we have been using across the week!

“With my best wishes for a happy weekend.”

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