“AS I sit down to wish you all a restful weekend, the sun, seemingly for the first time this week, is shining through my window and it reminds me that Summer cannot be far around the corner.

“Whilst rain showers have peppered our week, we have also been blessed with sunshine just at the right moments, as we have welcomed guest authors and presenters into school to bring our Reading Festival to life. They have kindly commented that our Covid measures have allowed them to work safely, as well as creatively with Acremont audiences. As I write, Year 2 are engaged in a literary and musical workshop, before all of Acremont join together to celebrate their learning today, in a community performance to conclude the week. Thank you very much for organising the events Mr Dean!

“Ms Gervasio and I enjoyed meeting parents from Year 1 at the scheduled ‘At Home’ Zoom events this morning. We discussed lockdown experiences, settling back into the Summer Term, as well as the date of the release of class lists for next year. This occasion is always a very exciting time in the House for teachers and children alike, as we look forward to the start of a new year, with the prospect of different friends to sit next to and teachers to greet in the morning!

“With my best wishes for a restful weekend.”

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