“WHAT a glorious first week back at school! With a sunny backdrop to our learning, the gazebos are up for classes to take some of their activities outside and the warm days provide us with the perfect opportunity to continue our swimming at King’s Ely Junior’s pool.

“There is rarely a day when the idea of being busy is not relevant at Acremont and this week is no exception! Being busy creates the buzz for learning and the energy with which to approach challenge and new experiences. I had one of those this week. I was ‘cajoled’ into competing in the Nursery Sports Morning. The fast paced and daring deportment challenge of the beanbag-on-head-balance race was noisily supported by the children as Miss Wright took the lead and crossed the finish line first! The children thoroughly enjoyed their races and were keen to remind me that it was all about the taking part and of course, the anticipation of an ice lolly afterwards!

“Thursday saw a plethora of Greek warriors, goddesses and even Medusa arrive at school ready to participate in a Greek immersion day in Year 1. Activities ranged from debating to scribing, Olympic enactments to the storytelling of Achilles and the winning strategy of the Trojan horse.

“This week, our assemblies have been removed from the Teams multi-view to the outdoors and the cool of the morning shade. It is the first time since back in March 2020 that we have assembled as a whole school section, although distanced between year groups. It is an uplifting way to start the day and is another small step back to the normal way of things. On that note, we await further expected Government guidance early next week with regard to the lifting of protective measures from 21st June. This will give clarity to the events scheduled during the remaining weeks of term and we very much hope that we can achieve all we have planned for.

“Thank you to Nursery and Acremont families this week for attending their parent consultation meetings and in some cases bearing with some frustrating IT issues. Sharing progress and targets, discussing challenges and concerns, and celebrating real strides forward are important conversations that support your child’s school journey and as ever, we very much appreciate your commitment and involvement.

“Thank you also for your very generous championing and sponsorship of our Charity in Action Day on 28th May. Together, we have raised an enormous £1,390.40 for our charity, The Wildlife Trusts. This was a very successful event organised by our School Council and I would like to thank Mrs Walker and her team of councillors for their wonderful contribution to our school life.

“With my best wishes for a sunny and joyful weekend.”

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