“Deep into the chill and short days of January, we are reassuringly snug, busy, and buoyant at school and nursery! During these icy days, Mr Thew has been out with spade and grit to keep our pathways safe, so a warm ‘thank you’ from us all for Mr Thew’s hard work and early starts!

“Now fully immersed in our creative curriculum, with clubs underway, instrument lessons organised, and new learning themes having been introduced, the week has flown by.

“Indoors, the learning has been rich and plentiful, as revealed in our Celebration Assembly today. Golden Crown Awards were handed out for challenging money maths, impressive poetry, and writing a first sentence in Monday morning’s news writing. Unlocking the code to spelling and handwriting, and developing the stamina to concentrate, may sound small but they are enormous milestones and contribute to making the progress made in Pre-Prep so rewarding and exciting.

“Following the elections to our School Council last week, Mrs Walker has already called a meeting to discuss the agenda for this short Lent Term. We have thanked our outgoing team for fulfilling their duties with energy and enthusiasm. Our new Councillors are equally ready to take up their roles and very well done to them for their efforts to be elected!

“It was a pleasure to meet Year One parents during our termly ‘At Home’ gathering this morning and thank you for coming out in this cold weather. On Thursday 26th January, we will welcome parents to a workshop event at school from 6.30pm-7.30pm. We know that parents are keen to support learning at home and this really underpins a great partnership between school and home. However, ‘how’ to do this isn’t always easy or obvious. This event seeks to demystify the trick with phonics, unravel maths strategies, and give tips for mental maths quizzes at home. We will also discuss how to support the learning of spellings and listening to reading at home.

“Keeping an eye on events in the diary for next week, Ms Gervasio and Mrs Strudwick will host the ‘At Home’ coffee morning for Year Two parents on Friday 27th January, which has been moved to the slightly earlier time of 9am. This meeting will take place both in person and via Zoom, for parents unable to join us for general discussions about school.

“With my best wishes for a happy and relaxing weekend.”

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