“IT was very clear at drop-off this morning that Acremont families are happy to take every opportunity to dress up as we truly embraced the theme of our charity day, ‘A Touch of Fun!’ With spots, bright patterns and fancy dress, children came into school excited and ready to enjoy the day. Whether a touch of pirate, unicorn or footballer was your theme, thank you very much for your generous donations to our school charity, The Wildlife Trusts and to the national Red Nose Day appeal.

“I feel I could say every Friday how busy the week has been and the energy with which the children have approached their learning and school life. This week is no exception, which may explain why there are plenty of yawns around the site as we approach the last week of term! The children have shone in so many ways this term, from their resilience during lock down learning to their enthusiasm to be with school friends in class again, that it comes as no surprise how amazingly they have conducted themselves as school visitors appeared on site for interviews and tours this week. It is regularly my job to take visitors on tour, however, this week, I have been made happily redundant! Who needs an adult for these things when a pre-prep child can do it better? The warmth of the class greetings, politeness and effervescent enthusiasm said more about our culture and who we are as a community than any prospectus or website could. Joy, fun and curiosity overflowed as the children clearly enjoyed engaging and sharing their experiences.

“Although still muddy underfoot, the warmer days have encouraged greater time outdoors this week and with frogspawn in the pond, it is time once again to start exploring, recording, and learning about the wildlife on our site and the effect of the changing seasons. Nursery children have been making glittery potions and creating their own small world forests outside when I visited this week, whilst making sure I dodged the trike race and the superhero den making, before being introduced to the playdough cake makers and bakers. Imagination and the outdoors certainly make for great learning ingredients.

“As we turn to the last week of term, we are looking forward to our KEA ‘Time to Count’ day on Monday. After taking part in the 2021 Census at home on Sunday, we will be examining the history, the maths and the importance of taking part in this UK wide collective activity. Thank you to Elizabeth Stazicker, our King’s Ely Archivist, who has researched census data about our school and even Egremont House, to share with the children.

“With my best wishes for the weekend ahead.”

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