“SO here we are…. back to the balancing act of home schooling whilst working full-time, sharing the same lockdown jokes on WhatsApp that you were sent in the first lockdown and trying hard to avoid the temptation of yet another mindless box-set. Oh! And did I add that it is only January!

“Well, it is time to shake off the grey stuff and search for the positives. Back to the baking, hour-long dog walks and times in the day that were better with the family than you thought they would be!

“What lockdown does best, I think, is slow the clocks down. Life settles into a slower, less frenzied pace of to-do lists, social commitments and busy weekends. Instead, meals together at the table, reading all the articles in the monthly subscription and dusting off the family board games gives us a sense of cope-ability and accomplishment which is good for the soul, right now.

“Accomplishment is more than just getting by and it is our belief that whether one is learning at home, in class or in Nursery, we aim high. I am delighted to listen to teacher reports of excellent home learning and as I walk around school, science investigations, ICT maze puzzling and story writing continue with energy and commitment.

“This week we have also met friends on Zoom, set up our school-to-home reading collection service and begun the first of our ‘live’ Library Club sessions with Mrs Walker.

“I look forward to the day when we can welcome our home-learning children back into school with the same ease and happiness that we saw after the first lockdown, and I hope that the points of contact that we make from class to home over the next few weeks will achieve this.

“I wish you all a peaceful and happy weekend.”

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