“THERE was an expectant buzz both at School and Nursery this week as rehearsals and preparations gathered pace in readiness for the recording of our Christmas Service next week.

“Today, the children chose the front cover for our DVD gift to you from a festive array of entries, completed in class over the last few days. Our Christmas art and craft continues next week as we decorate baubles for Mr and Mrs Attwater’s Christmas tree at Queen’s Hall. In previous years, it has been our tradition to offer to help decorate this very large tree in exchange for some mince pies and jolly carolling. This year of course, it is not possible and so, as with so many things, we have simply been creative!

“It has been wonderful to welcome our Nursery community back to Acremont this week and Mrs Nabavian reports how pleased she was to greet so many smiling and eager faces on Monday. Thank you to Year 2 parents who participated in the Transition to Year 3 Evening. Whilst the thought of change can feel daunting, it was reassuring to know that the King’s Ely Junior team, led by Richard Whymark, are alert and sensitive to making the transition as seamless as possible. Indeed, the joined-up approach and communication between King’s Ely Acremont and King’s Ely Junior throughout the year really supports a successful onward journey.

“With warm wishes for a happy and relaxing weekend…”

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