“IT has been a week of getting back to ‘near normal’. Clubs began this week, albeit without our external providers, worship and singing assemblies were reinstated and what arguably is my most favourite part of the teaching week, enrichment began this afternoon.

“In the glorious late summer sunshine, Dr Lane delivered her first assembly of the year, as Nursery listened whilst on their way to the allotment. We were arranged around the playground, in our year groups, with the Cathedral in the distance as our back drop. A Year 1 child described the setting to his parents over supper and said that God had said hello as He shone bright sunshine into his eyes! It was a joy to welcome Mr North back to Acremont on Wednesday. Mr North sang with one year group whilst being televised from the hall to the children in other year groups. Each class could be heard joining in around the house. Mr Dean did remark that it felt like he was singing a solo until the children became used to the new format!

“At 1.35pm for five minutes on a Friday afternoon, the house is normally a hive of travelling children as they move around the school to the enrichment lesson of their choosing. This year, we begin our half-termly sessions in our own classes. The enrichment programme for this year includes carpentry, community links, debating, ‘eco-kids’, enterprise and appreciating art forms from around the globe. These represent areas of learning, interest and skills that are topical and will broaden our knowledge and awareness of self and the environment we live in. It is an hour on a Friday afternoon when we move away from formal learning to a practical and expressive style that is fun and engaging.

“Whilst we all continue to be effected by the R-level, lockdowns and the importance of the number 6, it is the small gestures that make you smile and focus your thoughts. I bumped into one such lovely moment on my travels around school on Thursday, down near the Music Room. A Reception child had been told to gather their bag and blazer at the end of the day. The child was attempting to put the blazer on but having to twist arms, find arm holes as well as keep the blazer in one place was all proving troublesome. The 4-year-old refused my offer of help and continued to twist and turn. Pleased at his determination, he suddenly threw the blazer, lining side up, on the floor. Clearly all too much, I thought. Then the child hurled himself forward with his head between his legs and his arms outstretched. I watched in bewilderment. This turned out not to be a yoga pose but a well thought-out method of dressing. This was followed by a super swift backwards both-arm circle and Ta Dah! Blazer was now on body and child was smiling in satisfaction. What a manoeuvre! Determination, independence and resilience… not bad for week 2!

“I wish you all a restful and happy weekend.”

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