“AS we all waved goodbye to your children this afternoon (July 2nd), it is barely possible to reflect, process and conclude on what we have lived through together this year. I feel that some of the hardest and happiest times of this year have been wrapped around this strange virus. As a team, it was extremely difficult to watch your children leave Acremont on 20th March, faced with the uncertainty of what life had in store for us all.

“In June, there was the joy of opening our doors again and getting back to some kind of normal. And now, at the end of the academic year, there is the pleasure and satisfaction that we can say farewell for the summer in great shape and well prepared for September.

“The twists and turns of this term go to show that times of uncertainty can also be times of opportunity where we can move from the rigidity of ‘the way we have always done things’ to adapt with creativity and innovation. Our home learning programme was an excellent example of this. One of the most powerful aspects of this time was the relationships forged between parents, teachers and children. This has resulted in a genuinely collaborative approach with extraordinary results in supporting our children’s emotional and academic development. And whilst many parents have kindly thanked staff for all they have done over the last few days, I really believe our success is down to teamwork and the commitment of parents and the teaching teams alike in putting the best interests of our children first.

“These unpredictable times have also offered us the opportunity to reflect on what is truly of value to us and what is just white noise. Our joint resolve was really a measure of this. Today, further information has been published regarding the way children will be taught in the primary years from September. I can say at this stage, that all year groups at King’s Ely Acremont and King’s Ely Acremont Nursery will be taught in school, in their own classrooms. Whilst the Government continues to adopt the ‘bubble’ theory of containing the virus, wrap around care remains difficult to achieve as this involves the bringing together of children from many bubbles. King’s Ely’s Senior Leadership Team is scheduled to meet in August and with all current data available, will prepare our plan for September. This will be communicated to you well in advance for the start of term.

“In our own way, this week has been a celebration of the year and our children. Sports Day was a real success as the photographs will show. Children were cheering for their Houses with great ‘sportspersonship’ and determination even through a few raindrops! Ice lollies for all completed the occasion. Today, Year 2 shared their memories with each other from their time at Acremont and this afternoon we came together to celebrate our last assembly and say goodbye to Mrs Lyall. Tomorrow morning, you will receive an email with the link to our End of Term Service, which should have taken place in the Cathedral’s Lady Chapel. The link will go ‘live’ at 10am and as we, here, will sit together at school to watch, I hope you will be able to watch from the comfort of your home.

“From us all at King’s Ely Acremont, enjoy a wonderful summer, whether here in the Nursery or on adventures at home or on holiday. And referring back to a letter that I wrote to you on 17th March, I hope that you will enjoy ‘long summer days and dog walks on the beach’ now that the ‘rain clouds’ have passed over our heads. Happy holidays!”

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