“THERE is no such thing as a quiet day in education currently and Monday, 15th June was no exception. On that day, further Government guidance was published. This permitted the return of other primary school year groups provided this does not impact on the routines and health and safety of those year groups previously returned.

“This is indeed, good news. Whilst we have rejoiced in the happy return of Nursery, Reception and Year 1, it has been with an element of regret that Year 2 could not be with us to complete our community. Year 2, along with Nursery 2, are about to face significant changes as they move on to different parts of the school and to be in a position to offer a full transition programme to all, is significant. I am extremely pleased that this can now be possible, and I would like to thank our teaching and cleaning teams for working tirelessly this week to ensure we are ready.

“We have observed with a fond smile this week that Acremont was almost designed to cope with a crisis such as this! Our large back garden, many spaced out toilet facilities, a hall separate to the houses, patio doors in the Music Room that allow children to walk straight out to the garden rather than mix at the back door and numerous other small features make the strategic planning for the return of Year 2 so achievable in a short space of time, without impacting our other children.

“In our Celebration Assembly this morning, I asked the children how they felt when they returned and what tips we could pass on to our Year 2 friends when they arrive on Monday. We came up with ‘excited’, ‘joyful’ and ‘can’t wait to see friends’. As parents and carers of those children who have returned so well, please talk through the return with your children. Of course, it will be a great two weeks together, however, we all know that change can be strange and leaving home after such a time may take some easing into. Please know that we will welcome your children with encouragement, warmth and metaphorical open arms. There is a happy vibrancy both in the house and in Nursery, which will boost and support our joiners as they acclimatise.

“I wish you all a happy and restful weekend and we look forward to welcoming all our year groups back to school and Nursery on Monday. With only two weeks of the year remaining, we are determined to make the very most of our time together which, whilst always precious, seems so much more so this year.”

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