KING’S Ely Sixth Form leaver, Will Ingless, is off to the University of Warwick after achieving the A Level results he needed.

Will, 18, achieved A* grades in Geography, History and Government and Politics. His chosen degree is Politics with International Relations.

Will, who has been a student at King’s since joining King’s Ely Junior in Year 6, said: “I was so, so pleased when I received my results. I feel I worked hard and that these grades reflect the work that I put in. It’s certainly been a challenging couple of years for obvious reasons, but I actually feel that I have benefited from the pandemic in a way. I feel more independent as a learner and feel better prepared for university life. King’s handled online teaching really well.”

Will says he is pleased he stayed on at King’s for Sixth Form. He said: “King’s has been so supportive in so many ways, and that is because I am known as an individual here, not just a student. I think some students think they are mature enough to move to a different school after their GCSEs, but I’m so glad I didn’t – you’re not as mature as you think you are and the small class sizes and one-on-one guidance has been invaluable for me, particularly in Years 12 and 13. I really enjoyed being a School Prefect in Sixth Form too. I am excited for Warwick, but I am going to miss King’s lots.”

Congratulations Will, good luck in Warwick and keep in touch!

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