A group of our A-Level Politics students visited London on October 2nd to explore Parliament and the capital’s Government Buildings.

Pupils in both Years 12 and 13 enjoyed the trip, which was organised by Mrs Jackson and Mr Thomas, through our extensive co-curricular and enrichment programme.

Robert Banwell, one of our Year 13 Politics students, said: “We started off by walking down Whitehall, where many Government Departments are located, and we then turned into Downing Street where, after a brief baggage check by the friendly security guards, we were greeted by Larry the Cat (Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office). We were allowed to stand in front of the Prime Minister’s front door – possibly the most famous front door in the country. It was certainly a surreal experience standing on the spot we see on television so often.

“After a lunch break in which we spied some robed Peers of the House of Lords, we went into the Supreme Court, opposite Parliament, sat down in the Courtroom and visited the exhibition below, where Mrs Jackson quizzed us on the role and history of the Court. Next, we went into the Houses of Parliament, and we were amazed at the sheer beauty of the building. We visited the King’s Robing Room and we were even allowed to sit down on the House of Lords benches, where our enthusiastic guides taught us about the workings of Parliament (which was excellent revision!). We then crossed the lobby into the House of Commons, with its iconic green benches, which was an emotional and overwhelming experience to stand in the very room where our legislators pass and debate laws. After a brief look inside the 11th Century Westminster Hall, we came together and became a Mock Parliament to debate the issue of assisted dying – a challenging and thought-provoking argument requiring us to use parliamentary behaviour and customs (hear! hear!).

“The day was a fulfilling, enlightening and exciting tour around the most important institution in the nation. Thank you to Mr Thomas and Mrs Jackson for organising and leading the trip.”

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