OUR Year 12 History students attended an A Level Crusades Revision Conference at the London Irish Centre on March 11th.

Colin Currie, Head of History at King’s Ely Senior, said: “The conference comprised of four lectures delivered by experts in the field, including Professor Andrew Jotischky (RHUL), Dr Natasha Hodgson (Nottingham Trent), and Professor Jonathan Phillips (RHUL).

“Professor Philips delivered two of the talks and proved particularly popular with our students, not least because of his deadpan delivery and comic timing. His first talk was an excellent summary of the changing nature of crusader motivations across the first three crusades and his second was an interesting insight into the life and legend of Saladin, the subject of his latest book.

“We all found the event stimulating – it was an excellent opportunity for students to extend their knowledge.”

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