AT JUST 24 years old, former pupil Tom Hunt is already one of the youngest councillors in East Anglia. But this summer, the Old Elean announced his intention to stand in the next European elections in May 2014. If elected, he stands to become one of the youngest MEPs in the country.

Cllr Hunt, who is the son of long-serving Tory Cllr Bill Hunt, states that he was moved to stand because of his strong feelings about re-negotiating Britain’s relationship with the EU.

Speaking to the Ely Standard, he said: “Young people are just as impacted by the EU as anyone else and I want to give young people a voice.

“Thirteen years before I was born was the last chance we had to have a say on the EU and it is now a different institution to what it was back then. I think we can negotiate for a better deal and this is what I will be pushing for.”

Cllr Hunt will stand as part of a seven-strong team of Conservative candidates in East Anglia.

Tom was a pupil at King’s Ely from 1992 until 2005. He went on to study at the University of Manchester and then Oxford University’s Pembroke College.

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